Marketing Executive/ Freelancer - S-SparQ

A candidate with the skills to market, develop public relation, manage public relations, communication, eve nt management, meeting delegates is required to help kSPL complete the above mentioned objective.

The candidate needs to arrange & conduct meeting with the principals, HODs and faculties to market the solar training programs. The candidate will also require maintaining good public relations with the institutes. After successful meetings with the principals or HODs of the institute, candidate may also needs to conduct a solar introductory talk to convince students for registering for the workshop.

The candidate needs to maintain the database, and should regularly update the kSPL team.

Location: Major cities all over India.



The candidate will also have to complete the targets given with full dedication:

  • Meet min 10 colleges/month with at least 8 colleges converting to conduct workshop in their premises.
  • Each college should have a minimum of 50 students in a batch.


Executive Remunerations:

Candidate will be hired on payment basis as per the following payment criteria:

Salary: Rs.15000 + Rs.3000 (other allowance)


Freelancer Remunerations:

Candidate will be hired on payment basis as per the following payment criteria:

  • 50 students/college- 50 Rs/student
  • 80 students/college- 65 Rs/student
  • 100 students/college- 80 Rs/student

Thus with the above mentioned commercials the salary for a candidate would become a whooping amount of minimum 20,000 Rs/month and maximum of more than 80,000 Rs/month

The marketingmaterial like leaflets, posters, banners etc. will be provided by kSPL. The travel conveyance has to be borne by the candidate.